The knowledge of the customer is the first step to understand how to attract them into our store. Take a moment to picture the kind of person who buy your products. who is he/she? what does he/she do? what are his/her hobbies? what’s he/she into?

Depending on the customer profile, or if you are looking for new customers, you can put in place the following 5 very useful advices:

  1. Plan an event or a training: the store is not only the place where to buy and sell, but it can be the place where initiatives take place. We should think about something aligned with our ideal customer. A tailor course? A special date with a personal shopper? The most creative ideas are the most valued, because they make you different from competitors!
  2. Cooperate with other stores: search for shops near you which seek to the same customers, and propose them to collaborate. The idea is to join similar business for a win-win situation. For instance, a clothing shop can display jewellery and accessories and, at the same time, a jewellery shop can display dresses or shoes for a catchier shop window. Do you have somebody in your mind already?
  3. Create a winning window display: shops aren’t always located in a strategic position, but if so, so much the better! Always remember that the purpose of a window display is to catch pedestrian’s attention, and it’s not to show them all the items. Don’t show a big quantity of goods and stay focused on makes it appealing, that are appropriate for your target. If you show everything on the window display, what’s the point?
  4. Support a good cause: if there’s a topic that you are interested in, looking for a non-profit organization in your area and offer them your shop as location for one of their events. And maybe you could create a special discount for that day. You will increase your shop visibility and doing something good at the same time!
  5. Do advertising on Google, Facebook or Instagram: if your target audience is young people (…and also adults), doing some advertising may be very useful for your business, even at a local level. Then you’ll have the chance to attract customers with discounts and interesting news. You may promote the special date with your personal shopper, for example.


Below you can find a selection of interesting window display:

The customer has need to feel itself listened and comfortable, therefore never underestimate these things: listen to them and help them to choose the perfect item!

Below some ideas to improve the shopping experience:

  1. You may offer to the customers a warm beverage for the winter and a cold one for the summer. It won’t take much to make them happy!
  2. If you have free space in your store and your target audience are mothers and fathers, set up a kid’s corner.
  3. Set up a charging station for smartphones, customers will appreciate it!

Lastly: a happy customer is a regular customer. It’s not enough to attract him in your shop, but you have to bring him back.