outfit donna accessori


Creating an outfit is not so obvious and easy. You often find yourself standing in front of the mirror realizing that you’re way too easy than what you wanted or feeling that something’s missing. But what is that? Accessories! With the right accessories our look will have the right direction. A certain kind of hat can make your simple dress chic and enhance the streetwear spirit of who is wearing it.


outfit uomo autunno


Accessories are essential to give your look a personal touch, but matching clothes for the right outfit is not always easy: from selecting colors to finding the clothes that suit you best.

First of all we should find the best colors for us. For this purpose the Itten circle can be useful:



In central triangle there are primary colors: yellow, blue and red. Moving outward there are secondary colors, created by mixing the first three ones and, all around, there are different shades and nuances. The rules to match colors are: for harmonious hues, we should look at the ones close one another in the circle, whereas for sharp contrasts, we should go for complementary colors, located on the opposite sides of the circle.



In addition to color selection, we should have basic clothes in our wardrobe because they are the starting point of every look. Once it is created, we can enrich the look with accessories that complete our matching and make it unique all the times.