This fall winter 2019/20 trend is marked by a great variety of colors. The most widely-used ones range from sophisticated to bolder shades and pastel shades. The color that stands out is red, but also blue and brown are not far behind, presented in both monochrome and tone-on-tone versions.

The red for 2020 is introduced also as the favorite color of elegant garments, as also represented by our Granadilla collection:


For blue the market direction starts from deep blue tones and explore all the various shades up to the blue powder. In the Jail Jam collection, we have included it in both the monochromatic and tone-on-tone versions:



The earthy colors like brown, specifically, and all its nuances are among the most chic colors of the 2020 fashion. Knowing that the warm colors are the favorite ones for the winter, they could not be missing in our collections:



Despite the tendency to wear earthy colors during the winter period, we find constantly present also shocking and bold colors, such as fluorescent yellow, which gives the look a touch of freshness and vivacity. We included them in the Jail Jam collection:



As always, we offer sought after and stylish items, which always are in line with fashion trends. All this takes place thanks to our style department and our experience, which allow us to stay up to date and understand the trends in advance.

We let ourselves be inspired! And you?!