azienda green


During the last few years, human’s interest in environmental and social issues has grown significantly and, in the same way, our customers are also increasingly sensitive to these topics. By following this idea, environmental sustainability hit Mirage’s heart and it has become a business model to follow for our future.

We chose to have a positive impact on the planet, from the exclusive use of clean energy to internal procedures planned to reduce waste, up to the search for eco-friendly materials to manufacture our products. We think that our approach to business sustainability is the best choice to be increasingly efficient and innovative.


This is why we have installed solar panels that allow both to meet completely our energy requirements and have clean energy fed into the public grid.

We are taking steps towards a plastic free and paperless approach, providing the staff with water dispensers and canteens and encouraging reuse of printed paper.

In this sense, we have introduced separate collection of paper and plastic to raise corporate awareness.

As for our brands, in order to further reduce our environmental impact, we started from the cardboards of Jail Jam and Granadilla lines and developed packaging made especially in recycled materials; moreover, we are already researching how to manufacture different accessories with recycled biological yarns and fabrics in the future.


We have invested resources to improve energy efficiency and our environmental impact because protection of the planet and the experience we offer our customers are fundamental values to us. The responsibility we have towards the environment gave a sustainable impetus to every business choice we made and it’s reflected in a more transparent business model. We are transforming our company structure to bring a real added value to our business and thus to our customers.