We are the Mirage group, a reference point for fashion accessories in Italy and across most of Europe. Our four brands enable us to cater to various market segments, allowing us to fulfill the diverse needs and preferences of our customers. All products are designed, developed and tested in Italy by a team of experienced designers who embrace industry innovations.


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For over three decades, we have been dedicated to designing and distributing fashion and sports accessories. We are located at Centergross, one of the most important commercial centers in northern Italy. We have reserved 5,000 square meters for our headquarters and showrooms. Our team is responsible for the design and management of four different brands: Mess, Hat You, Jail Jam, and Granadilla. We embrace innovation and look towards the future while respecting the environment. In 2011, we installed solar panels on our headquarters, enabling us to use clean energy and contribute it back to the grid. Our commitment also extends to our collections, as our designers increasingly choose recycled yarns that require less energy and water compared to the production of yarns from virgin fibers. Mirage is like a big family, and our customers are a part of it. We always pay special attention to them, and our relationships are sincere, lasting, and reliable.



We look, we travel, we discover; we always take the time to research styles and trends.

This is what fuels our creativity and enables us to design fashionable products that stay in tune with the latest trends.

Innovation and Tradition

Tradition is our foundation, innovation is our strength.

With this powerful combination, we engage in a dialogue that bridges the past, present, and future. It enables us to continually renew our offerings and internal processes, ensuring greater efficiency and competitiveness.

Environmental Sustainability

Our inherent inclination towards innovation has directed our focus towards environmental sustainability.

We strive to minimize our environmental impact as we believe that protecting the Earth and providing a remarkable customer experience go hand in hand. Through initiatives such as utilizing solar panels for clean energy, implementing internal procedures to reduce waste, and sourcing eco-friendly materials for our product manufacturing, we aim to achieve this goal.


In the early 1970s, a young Roberto Roda discovered his genuine passion for accessories, which eventually turned into a profession. In 1988, he took a significant step forward and established the Mirage group, a company dedicated to fashion and sports accessories. As a pioneer in product importation, he rapidly expanded his distribution network nationwide, swiftly emerging as one of the industry’s leaders.

our products


Solid color elastic belt, with practical and resistant flat buckle. Perfect for outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding, also…


Very soft multicolor checkered maxi scarf with bangs and logo applique. Size: 35 x 250 cm


Beanie with contrasting rhinestone logo and very warm microfleece lining. Available with real fur and faux fur pompoms.


Jacquard beanie with snowflakes and rhinestone applications, soft microfleece lining. Available with removable pom pom in real and faux fur.


Un’azienda da 5 stelle

La Mirage è la miglior azienda del settore a cui si può rivolgere qualsiasi attività commerciale. Lo staff giovane e dinamico è sempre disponibile a proporsi come partnership con cordialità e competenza, qualità e assortimento prodotti completano e giustificano le 5 stelle pienamente meritate.
Luca Brocchi
Un legame che dura nel tempo

Collaboriamo con l'azienda da anni e siamo entusiasti della qualità e della cordialità dell'azienda. Non possiamo che consigliare Mirage!
H. Klammsteiner
Qualità e stile senza paragoni

Ottima azienda specializzata in accessori moda. Da Mirage troverai prodotti di qualità e stile a quotazioni estremamente competitive, servizio clienti efficace e preciso.
Luca Bagnoli
Provare per credere

Da Mirage troverai tutto ciò che ti farà brillare… super consigliato!
Airys Amaduzzi
Una piacevole sorpresa

Incuriosito dal catalogo ricevuto che a dir il vero avevo sfogliato per i miei mille impegni in modo veloce, mi sono recato presso il punto vendita Mirage e ho avuto una piacevolissima sorpresa! Ho potuto constatare di persona la qualità dei prodotti e soprattutto la gentilezza e professionalità di tutto lo STAFF! Davvero complimenti! Consiglio di visitare il Punto vendita, perché nonostante il catalogo sia completo, nel Negozio troverete accoglienza, professionalità e tanta qualità.
Carlo De Venuto

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