our story

In the early 1970s, a young Roberto Roda discovered his genuine passion for accessories, which eventually turned into a profession. In 1988, he took a significant step forward and established the Mirage group, a company dedicated to fashion and sports accessories. As a pioneer in product importation, he rapidly expanded his distribution network nationwide, swiftly emerging as one of the industry’s leaders.Mirage products reflect a story of research, innovation, and tradition. The creative team at our style office is constantly exploring new trends and attentive to market demands, resulting in original and high-quality collections.In 2000, Paola and Fabio Roda, the children of our founder, took over the company and initiated an international expansion program that allowed the group to grow beyond Italy. Our founder’s goal was to meet the needs of various market segments, leading to the creation of four different brands within Mirage: Mess, Hat You, Jail Jam, and Granadilla. Mirage’s story represents a family heritage, one that we are committed to sharing by embracing the wisdom of the past while embracing future innovations.



For over 30 years, we have been closely observing and interpreting costume and fashion trends. Our mission is to provide items that align with the latest fashion trends. We have brought together various styles under one roof and emphasized our ability to offer a wide range of trendy items, crafted through the creative expertise and experience of our style office. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of our customers by delivering a distinctive and enjoyable shopping experience, complemented by the numerous services we offer.


Our four brands fulfill all requests: from the sophisticated and refined spirit of Granadilla to the casual-fashion and trendy styles of Hat You and Mess, and finally to the urban outdoor vibe of Jail Jam. We have already established ourselves as a trusted partner in Italy and across most of Europe. However, we aim to further expand our online and offline presence while maintaining strong relationships with our valued customers.


  • 5.000 square meters of headquarters and showroom, where you can discover a vast selection of trendy products at competitive prices
    Extensive expertise: Over 30 years of experience
    Leading market position in fashion and sports accessories.
    • Proudly an Italian company
    • Extensive sales network covering the entire Italian territory
    International distribution partners in Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and the UK.
    Customization service available for our products
    • Attention to detail and a strong emphasis on building trusted relationships with our customers, welcoming them into our extended family. We listen to their needs, provide support even after the purchase, and value their input
    Stock service with restocking within 72 hours
    • Comprehensive sell-out analysis to offer recommendations for optimal Point of Sale (POS) assortment and enhanced sales
    Order confirmations provided in PDF format (including item images) and in XLS format, offering all relevant customer data

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